The first step for anyone interested in living at Summit Avenue Cooperative is to give us a call at (608) 238-3441 or email us at Ask questions, or tell us when you would like to come by and have dinner. Dinners are served Sunday through Thursday at 6:00pm (holidays are usually exceptions).

Typical Membershipping

The typical membershipping process includes joining us for 3 dinners. They don't have to be consecutive, but within the same month is most beneficial. Also, choosing dinners on different nights of the week allows for a greater number of people to meet you. On the 1st dinner, you will get a grand tour of the house including available rooms. You will meet some current members and learn about workjobs, costs, and other basics about the co-op. Dinner 2 offers more time for current house members to get to know you and vice versa. At this dinner, you will also receive an application. The application can be handed in at your 3rd dinner. Your references WILL be checked, and then your complete application will be reviewed by all current house members.

Long Distance Membershipping

If you are out of the Madison area, feel free to contact us and let the membership coordinators know your interest in membershipping. You should explain why you will not be able to complete the typical membershipping process above. You will receive an application and as with standard membershipping, return the application with a personal statement. Unlike standard membershipping, though, members of the house will review your application and respond with some informal "interview" questions. These need to be answered before references are checked. Once ALL application material is submitted, the membership co-chairs will contact references, and the house will vote.

The Voting Process

If there is any "no" vote, the applicant is denied member status. Should there be a consensus vote in the affirmative, then the applicant is considered accepted as a house member. In either case, the membershipper will be called within 2 weeks of submitting an application.