Summit Avenue Cooperative

Established 1970 - Madison, WI

House Activities

A full rainbow arches over Summit
Somewhere over the Summit
Summiteers and guests pose in front of house before going to a corn maze. (Circa fall 2019)
Getting pumped for the corn maze
A Summiteer and her guest sit at the dining room table
Be our guest!
Muddy Summiteers in swimsuits stand triumphant to celebrate the summer solstice. One member is held help by the others, arms outstretched celebrating. (Circa summer 2020)
Summer solstice celebration!
Two Summiteers make gingerbread houses in the dining room. (Circa winter 2018)
'Tis the season for gingerbread houses
Water party on the lawn with a kiddie pool
Water party!
Summiters pose with inflated inner tubes to float down the river. (Circa summer 2020)
Another river explored
House storm windows being prepared for installation on Work Weekend. The windows have been cleaned and are leaning against the house. (Circa fall 2020)
Work Weekend = Windows
A Summiteer rakes leaves on the front yard for Work Weekend. (Circa fall 2020)
Work Weekend lawn care
Summiteers pose at picnic table at lakehouse in Minnesota. (Circa fall 2020)
The one where Summit goes to Minnesota
Summiteers sit around a bonfire in the front lawn. (Circa summer 2020)
Warmth of community and a bonfire
Close-up photo of a Summiteer winking mischieviously (Circa summer 2020)
Hey sportsfans!
Summiteers tune-up bikes on the front lawn. (Circa summer 2020)
Bike tune-up session
Summiteers carve Halloween pumpkins in dining room
Halloween pumpkin carving party
Summiteers sit around a camp bonfire in the woods. (Circa spring 2020 beginning of Covid)
Telling tall tales around the campfire
Six Summiteers pose victoriously after canoeing five lakes. Three people each posing with one person on their back. (Circa summer 2020)
Canoe champs!
Summiteers casually hang out in the living room in the evening. (Circa fall 2020)
One of those magical Summit nights
Summiteers sit comically on Bucky badger sculpture located on corner of Monroe and Regent. (Circa summer 2020)
You badger believe it
Summiteer splays out in hammock. (Circa summer 2020)
Proper hammock technique
Summiteers sit at picnic table in the evening enjoying custard at Michaels on Monroe Street. (Circa summer 2020)
Custard cures all
Summiteers make Santa Lucia Buns in the dining room. (Circa winter 2020)
Making Santa Lucia buns
Summiteers decorate the holiday tree. Two people stand on small ladders placing ornaments, while another watches. (Circa winter 2019)
Decorating the holiday tree
Summiteers buy ice cream at Regent Street Market after a house meeting. Group poses for a photo in front of the store. (Circa fall 2019)
Post-house meeting ice cream trip
Summiteers pose under blanket fort in the Sunroom. (Circa summer 2020)
Blanket fort!
Two Summiteers toss a frisbee next to the house
Summiteers take a break from a long summer bike ride (Circa summer 2020)
Group bike ride
Summiteers visit Jeidy farm and pose for a photo.
Field trip to the Jeidy farm
Morning photo of Summiteers camping in the woods. (Circa spring 2020, beginning of Covid)
Camping in the woods
Summiteers rock climbing. One person climbs, while the other assists and another sits.
Don't look down
Summiteers play with Occulus VR system in the living room. (Circa fall 2020)
Welcome to the Matrix
Summiteers hanging out on front lawn for Memorial Day
Memorial Day party